Excellent Surface Finshing Technology With Sandblasting Machines

Sandblasting is a revolutionary technique that can magically clean and prepare any surface. Blasting materials are propelled through a nozzle to even out the area. It is mainly used to remove rust from the surface and repaint it. Only the best shot blasting machines and abrasives must be used in the process to beget optimum results.

When it comes to using the best machinery, remember that you can grab one only from leading sandblasting machine suppliers. Below is the detail of shot blasting machines used for propelling abrasives.

Portable sandblasting machine

Semi-trailers are used to carry this machine. There are also lighter versions available that can be taken by the men themselves without any help. Being portable this shot blasting machine is easy to operate and leave few blasting residues. These can be used extensively in all the industries.

sandblasting machines

Cabinet sandblasting machine

The cabinet type sandblasting machine is most suitable for large industrial applications. As the name suggests, this machine is in the shape of an enclosed cabinet which does not allow any residue to flow out, hence zero wastage is there. Moreover, the device is also capable of recycling the abrasives, so you do not need to invest in other machinery for the task. The high flow of abrasives leads to a superior finish and also completes the work faster.

Pressure shot blasting machines

This environmental friendly design uses low energy and generates higher results. Air pressure can be controlled in this machine; hence, a consistent volume of abrasive is used to produce uniform results.

Hydro blasting machine

If you are looking for water blasting equipment for sale this machinery is your best catch. It depends on the sheer force of water for cleaning the surface. No abrasives are needed, and you will surely get the desired results. Only the machine, pressure pump and right nozzle are required to accomplish the task. Do not underestimate the power of water at a raging speed as the hydro blasting machine is capable of eradicating paint, rust, chemicals or any buildup on the surface.

Wet Sandblaster

Your search for water blasting equipment for sale can bring you to wet sandblaster. This machine uses the killer combination of water and abrasives to render the smooth, polished surface. This machine is mostly used for heavy engineering, fabrication, construction and other large scale industries.

Automatic shot blasting machine

When we say automatic, it means the same in every aspect of sandblasting. The device can separate, circulate and recycle the abrasives on its own. There is zero pollution in the entire process, and you accomplish your work without causing any harm to the surroundings.

Dustless sandblaster machine

This one is a portable machine that has a built-in vacuum system. There is no residue left in the sandblasting process. Moreover, abrasives are recycled in the device itself. However, the only precaution one needs to take is not to use this machine in an enclosed place.

When the surface is cleaned for painting purposes, you also need the equipment for the same. Hence look for the best painting and coating companies in Dubai to get the best finish. Here are a few machines used for the process.

Airless spray pump

This is a robust machine that can cover a large area in a short time. Uniform spraying is done with maximum thickness and minimal wastage.

Pipe coaters

Painting the internal of a pipe become easy when you use pipe coater for the purpose. Painting happens in rapid speed with this machine without having to rotate it in multiple directions.

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