Painting and coating companies in Dubai

Painting and coating companies worldwide abide by one rule: ' Never coat a dirty surface.' In case someone does the cardinal sin, the results are drastic. Surface preparation is crucial for the longevity of both the paint and surface.

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What is surface preparation?

Surface preparation is the crucial step of cleaning the surface before painting. It removes all the dust, grime, and rust, revealing a clean spot. Skipping this step may lead to coating failures resulting in corrosion and degradation of the substrate. Companies claim to have spent a considerable chunk of money due to painting without preparation.

The key aspects of surface preparation

Painting and coating companies in Dubai explain the objectives of surface preparation. Here we explain what all can be on your substate that must be removed for a paint-friendly space.

Removal of the old coating

The surface may have remains of old coatings. Companies dealing with internal pipe coating machines have stated how paint remains in hidden corners, creating nuisance afterward. Excellent surface preparation demands a surface devoid of old paints for the long life of the fresh coat.

Removal of rust

Rust is a factor that harms both the paint and the surface. If you chose to coat over a corroded area, it will chip the paint and cause severe harm to the machinery. Removing rust is a crucial step to maintain the longevity of the machinery.

Eradicating the grime

The machinery may have accumulated dirt and grime over time. There could be motor oil, grease and other lubricants sticking to the surface. Although the lubricants are required for efficiency, it may not be a good deal to leave them on the surface before painting.
Similarly, the surface attracts chloride from the atmosphere. It escalates the oxidization process derailing the machinery from its purpose. Graco suppliers Dubai suggest removing the residuals to safeguard the machinery.

Removing the loose parts

Over time, there might be chips and flakes on the surface itself. Some of these disoriented pieces may be visible at the first look, while others are tiny enough to deem invisible. Regardless of their size, these loose particles are removed from the surface before a fresh coat. Abrasive blasting can be an efficient method to clear the surface off these loose ends and prepare for a fresh coat.

Adequate profiling of the surface

Graco supplier Dubai deconstruct the paint behaviour. They state how valleys and ridges are pivotal for the paint to adhere onto a surface. Hence surface preparation is incomplete without profiling wherein ridges are created to welcome the new coat.

Ensure the surface is dry

Painting and coating companies in Dubai say that even if the surface is adequately prepared it may not be suitable for the paint to stick. Moisture content on the surface disallows the paint to adhere, making all the efforts futile. The moisture causes flaking and blistering of paint, and within a couple of weeks, you can witness it falling off the surface. Hence, drying the area is also an essential step in surface preparation.

What happens if you paint without surface preparation?

The importance of industrial coating after surface preparation transpires when you chose to skip it. Here is what can happen when there is improper surface preparation.

Coating failure

The Graco supplier Dubai states how inadequate surface preparation leads to paint chipping and falling off from the surface within a few weeks of adhesion.

Paint blistering

You might have noticed bubble-like bulges on the painted surface. This is called blistering and is the result of improper surface preparation.

Flaky paint

The chipping or flaking of paint mostly happens on the steel or non-ferrous surface with the lack of surface preparation.


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