Air receiver tank

Air receiver tanks along with serving as a temporary storage allows your compressed air system to perform more efficiently. They are exceptionally durable and strong which makes them fit for tolerating immense pressure. We as a reputed brand supply the best air receiver which are build to suit the compressor flow rate, the regulating system, the working pressure and the expected variations in the air consumption. They are an unavoidable part of any compressed air system.

When the compressor is not running these tanks enable you to use air. Additional air to the system is also supplied during periods of high usage. They determine the location and type of tanks required. Usually primary tanks act as a storage reservoir and are located near the air compressor systems. Even though the secondary tanks are located farther from the compressor systems they are close enough to devices that need large amounts of air. The air receiver tanks provide protection from pressure fluctuations and it also improves torque or speed. Generally the size of a receiver tank depends on the specific needs of the application.

We supply Receiver tanks ranging in volumes from 5 litre – 3000 litre capacity. It should be kept in mind that the size of a tank is based on the System size, Compressor output and Air demand cycles.

Rely on us for your need as we are one of the top Air Receiver Tank Suppliers in UAE. Our Air receiver tanks will save you the hassle of turning on the compressor system when air is needed only for a few seconds decreasing the costs of compressor usage. Our tanks ensure you reduced Electrical usage and maintenance costs. The air receiver tanks equalize the pressure variation using the start or stop switch. You can see that the sequence of the compressor can also be modulated.

It is absolutely essential to purchase this product from a trusted brand like us since an air receiver tank is an important component of a compressed air system. We have air receiver tanks that suit your needs. Figuring out which air receiver tank is fit your requirement we provide you with the best ones in the market.


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