Graco Supplier and Authorised Dealers in Dubai

There are many painting and coating companies in Dubai. But choosing the right one for their service is a tasking job.

Here let us understand what kind of machines are used in the process and why you need to invest in the best.

First of all, before painting, do go for a blasting session as it has many benefits when compared to the wet painting method. Here are a few.

Anti-corrosion- When you use the wet painting for a surface, 3 coats will be needed to protect the area against rust. But, a single layer of 3 mils will do the same task if performed after blasting.

Economic- Wet painting uses a lot of products which is not the case with spray paint where even the solid sprays can be reutilized.

graco spray machine supplier

Decreases downtime- When painting after blasting, there is less time required to prep the surface. You don’t have to stop the functioning of the machine because the paint needs to set.

Fewer damages- Accidents are likely to happen everywhere. Chemicals may spill on your machinery, creating huge losses but not when you blast and paint the equipment. It creates a protective shield wherein wiping the mess will remove all debris.

Now that we know how crucial it is to blast the area before painting here are the three steps involved in the process.

  • Preparation- Preparation is blasting the surface. It clears all previous coatings and dirt, revealing a clear surface where the paints bonds and sticks well.

  • Treatment- The airless spray machine evenly coats the area with a zinc-based primer.

  • Healing- It is then heated and gelled so that the final coat can be applied.

A vibrant finish is the result of the above process. Skipping on any of the steps will make you feel the lack of sheen.

The only way to attain quality finish is to find a Graco supplier in UAE as the machine is the epitome of perfection.

Here is how you can employ Graco for a perfect finish.

The Graco spray machine suppliers vouch for its functioning due to many reasons. A few advantages of using the airless spray machine are as follows.

  • Speed- The Graco airless sprayer is easy to use and works with high intensity to cover a lot of space in less time.

  • Coverage- The ability to cover more area in less time becomes the key reason for investing in Graco pneumatic pumps. A lot of paint strokes might be needed to cover the same spot if not with Graco. Also, the Graco airless pump paint sprayer is capable of reaching every nook and corner. Hence, if you are looking for internal pipe coating machines, this equipment will be the right choice to provide even coating in less time.

  • Smoothness- The pressurized mist from the sprayer helps attain a smoother finish when compared to roller or brush. With the best application technique, you can achieve unimaginable smoothness with the Graco spray machine.

However, there are a few things that a Graco supplier in UAE will surely inform you about.

  • First is using the right equipment as every job has a specific paint sprayer. If you use the wrong one, the results may not be pleasing.

  • They also advise to effectively set up and clean the device after use for maintaining its life.

  • You can’t let anyone work with the machine as only a skilled worker will give you optimum results; otherwise, it will be a mistake that costs a bomb.

Graco spray machine suppliers vouch for its terrific power display which is possible only when the machine works in adequate condition and with people who know their jobs.

Contact Speed Blast, your partner for all the blasting and painting jobs. We, as a Graco supplier in UAE, will make sure to employ only the best for your job and attain the dreamy finish.