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Sandblasting is a process that propels abrasives to alter the texture of any surface. It is highly effective for stripping grime and preparing the surface for painting and coating. There is the involvement of harsh abrasives in this process and, undertaking it without the required accessories may cause injuries.

Take a look at a few dangers of sandblasting

If you choose to perform the task without proper kit or with inferior quality blasting products, the job may lead to severe consequences.

  • Inhaling toxic abrasives such as silica, coal slag, etc. can cause breathing difficulties, silicosis, and even lung cancer.
  • High levels of noise can be unbearable to ears and cause hearing problems.
  • The dust, when mingles with the atmosphere, can blur vision and cause hindrance for the workers.
  • If the abrasive or media are flammable, there is also a chance of it catching fire.
The fatalities may alter with the usage of different abrasives. Various safety considerations are taken during sandblasting operations. However, it is always an ideal choice to use the best blasting accessories

shotblasting equipments

Here are the blasting products you need for sandblasting - Safety kit for the workers


The respirators consist of a safety helmet, airline filter, and breathing air supply tube that help keep away with the toxic remnants of sandblasting. They also have an in-built hearing and eye protector to help the workers save themselves from the noise and dust cloud. Many advanced respirators also have a climate control device that helps to increase or decrease the temperature so that workers are comfortable irrespective of the place where they are working.


Gloves are one of the important blasting products as they safeguard the operator from particle abrasion. A good quality glove is made of canvas or leather and extends up to the forearm. Workers also experience less vibration when working and can perform efficiently.

Safety boots

Another essential while working with portable blasting machines is a safety boot. It helps workers to save themselves from particulate matter that may bruise or severely injure their legs. A boot with steel tip is strong enough to endure the abrasive attack and save the sole from puncture. The outsole should be slip-resistant as abrasives can create a slippery surface.

Blast suit

Apart from heavily covering the head, face, hands, and feet, a sandblasting worker must also slip into the best quality blast suit. The material should be breathable yet heavy-duty to protect from the propelling abrasives. Mostly leather and canvas make the ideal materials for abrasive suits as they are robust.

Portable blasting machine components for safety

Dead man Handles

It is a remote control OSHA-required safety device that can activate and deactivate the blast pot. When the operator releases the handles, the abrasive flow is interrupted. The dead man handle is attached to the blast hose. It helps the operator stay safe by cutting the supply of air in case, he senses something amiss or even for taking a break during the operation.

Sandblaster valves

Abrasives move through a set of valves, to the nozzle for blasting the surface. These valves regulate the amount of abrasive flow so that the blasting process happens efficiently and under control. It is vital to choose the right valves for each abrasive.

The auto quantum valve works in pressure hold remote machines and may require an 80PSI abrasive i.e. it doesn’t support lightweight media. In the same way, a lightweight media valve will suit abrasives like baking soda, glass beads, fine mesh alumina silicate, etc. in soft kin and pool pal machine.

It is trivial to have suitable valves as wrong components can ruin the surface or can also be dangerous to use.

The right nozzles

The shape and size of the nozzle can bring tremendous changes in workspace efficiency. These regulate the abrasive stream and can help control the blast pattern and also increase velocity.

There are multiple kinds of nozzles used with portable blasting machines. Straight bore, long venturi, double venturi, short venturi are some of them when differentiated with their size and shape. You may also consider swapping with the materials used to make these i.e. tungsten, ceramic, or boron carbide nozzles.

Other vital blasting accessories


The sandblasting machine also contains various hoses. Twin-line hose, air hose, and blast hose function by transferring the abrasives from the blast pot to the control handle. Hose size, flexibility, and durability are some of the elements that must be considered before buying a blast hose. Mostly the 4-ply or 2-braid hose are used for competent blasting.


These are connectors that attach the hose firmly with the blast pot. These contain gaskets and locking pins for a firm connection.

Where can you get the best sandblasting accessories in Dubai

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