Safety considerations during sandblasting operations

Sandblasting, the technique that uses abrasive particles with compressed air to blast a surface is not void of any hazards. As mentioned by safety equipment suppliers in Dubai, the process has its fair share of risks. Anyone considering conducting the procedure must first equip themselves with the safety measures.

Residual facts of sandblasting operations


Sandblasting companies make a strong statement against the dust produced after shot blasting process. It is not only the blast media but the coatings and materials from the surface that flies free in the air. Barium, cadmium, zinc, copper, iron and many other particles when entering the human system can severely damage it. The primary health hazards are-
  • Air contamination
  • Vision impairment
  • Slippery floors


Sandblasting is a noisy procedure. The noise levels are not tolerable by the human ear and can lead to damage.

shotblasting equipments

Safety considerations during the sandblasting operations

Test the air

The compressed air used for sandblasting purpose should be clean. In case there are contaminants, they will mix with abrasive and adversely affect the result. To find the best results in one go, it is advisable to verify the air cleanliness. Contact blotter paper suppliers who can help with testing the air quality. Blotter paper is the white absorbent that changes color when in front of impure air. Performing the procedure before sandblasting can help conserve resources and send the compressor for repair.

Work with inspection equipment

We have a complete range of quality sand blasting equipment in Dubai with every product the industrial abrasive blasting and coating industry requires. Our inspection equipment and kits like Elcometer – salt contamination testing meter, Coating thickness measuring gauge, Magnetic thermometer - to detect the surface temperature of steel and other materials undergoing cleaning, Hygrometer – a moisture content testing machines and much more are used for testing different blast profiles, contamination and other critical factors in sandblasting process.

We ensure that the sound levels and the degree of vision impairment of the sandblasting process are checked before the operation. It helps in choosing the safety devices for the workers.

Ensure proper ventilation

Sandblasting leads to accumulation of dust that can create fatalities to the workers. Sometimes dense dust clouds can also force to shut down the operation due to less visibility. Hence it is crucial to develop a well-ventilated arena for the procedure. However, the area should be set in a way that dust can be collected without it contaminating the environment.

Provision of safety equipment

The safety and comfort of the blaster is of great importance – the Speed Blast range of personal protection equipment ensures that a tough job is made a little bit easier and can be conducted in the safest manner.

The remnants of sandblasting operations can be fatal to humans. The toxic lead, cadmium, copper, iron, silica, nickel, aluminum and many other dangerous particles can cause vision impairment and breathing difficulties in an individual. The sandblasting companies operate on oil extraction machines that can release arsenic, lead, manganese, beryllium, amorphous silica etc. that when entering the human system can cause several fatalities.

Proper coverall kits that include shot blasting helmets, Nova helmets, NV3-000 Nova 3 shot blast helmets, gloves, Dust masks, blasting nozzle with aluminum jacket, designed to create a wide blast pattern and boots should be provided to save the workers from hazardous particles entering their system. The workers should also wear the standard air-breathing respiratory masks - soft and durable folding silicone half mask with variant sizes that should not be removed until the air is completely clear. The safety equipment should be provided to workers and to those who are close by to the area. Abrasive blasting creates high levels of noise that can cause substantial hearing loss. To safeguard the ears, workers should also have adequate hearing protectors.

Choose the blasting media wisely

Glass beads, plastic, silica carbide, aluminum oxide, steel shot, steel grit, walnut shells etc. are a few abrasives used in the sandblasting procedure. A few of them are recyclable while the others are not. In the same way, some of them are less hazardous to the environment when compared to others. When choosing the blast media, take into consideration the surface and also the environment.

Trained workers on board

Sandblasting is a procedure that needs lots of skill. For a newbie, it will become difficult to cope with the complexity of the process. Hence safety equipment suppliers always opt for well-trained workers. The companies should keep in mind to only allow those who can work in this dangerous environment with the proper kit for safety.

Apart from the above companies also prefer to

  • Install barriers to block outsiders during the process
  • Keep every unauthorized personnel away from the area
  • Decontaminate the equipment regularly
  • Clean the blasting areas with HEPA-filtered vacuuming or wet methods.

Contact us your trusted safety equipment supplier in Dubai for the sandblasting needs and get your speedy and meticulous results without any delay.