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Shot blasting technology serves all the metal industries. Be it aerospace, automotive, construction, rail or shipbuilding shot blasting material provides its services to all the genres.

What is shot blasting technology?

Shot blasting technology is the use of abrasives to clean, peen and polish a metal surface. The purpose of shot blasting is to-

  • Eradicate rust, corrosion and dirt from the surface.
  • Prepare the metal surface before painting and coating.

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What are the main shot blasting technologies?

The two techniques or technologies extensively used for shot blasting are:

Wheel blasting

In this technique, the shot blasting material is propelled to surface with the help of a rotating wheel. Hence the electric motor energy directly converts to kinetic energy. The turbine wheels used for the blasting are of massive capacity, i.e. 60 kg per minute to 1200kg. The massive size of holding the abrasives is because these machines used for steel shot blasting in Dubai works to remove impurities from large surfaces. There is no use of liquid or air in this procedure.

Air blasting

Here compressed air is the medium for propelling shot blasting material. With this kind of steel shot blasting, blast pot and dust collector work simultaneously. The dust is shoveled and swept into the blast pot to ensure minimum wastage. Nozzles are used for blasting, and the size can be adjusted according to the surface. Also, water mixed abrasives can be used for the purpose, and the process is called wet blasting.

Which shot blasting material is used in the process?

The shot blasting material is crucial for the result. Choosing the wrong one may not give desired results or even mess with the metal surface.

Steel shot - It is a smooth ball which is circular. It cleanses, descales and debugs contamination from the surface with the least amount of dust. The steel shot is recyclable and cost-effective too. Both air blasting and wheel blasting technologies can work with this shot blasting materials.

Steel grit - it is primarily the crushed steel shots. This shot blasting material is harder than steel shot. It is divided into three parts based on their roughness and hardness. The rough surface gives a superior finish to the work piece. It is suitable for air blasting technique and is highly recyclable.

Garnet steel shot - Garnet is a hard and durable abrasive. Painting and coating companies in Dubai recommend it for preparing the surface before powder coating. One can recycle garnet at least 5 times, and that makes it the most environmentally friendly abrasive.

Aluminium shot - Peening or strengthening the surface is the primary job of an aluminium shot. It can also remove etch, blunt or surface defects.

Stainless steel cut wire shot - Made of stainless steel wires in different diameters, the key job of stainless steel cut wire shot is surface preparation of zinc, copper, stainless steel and aluminium work pieces. It renders a glossy effect that is corrosion resistant also.

Lead shot - Lead shots are available in multiple weights. It is not predictable how this abrasive will work on a particular surface. Hence before the actual blast, a sample test is held to witness the fracture that lead shot provides on a surface.

Zinc shot - The zinc shot is an excellent choice for strengthening a surface. In addition to that, it is used to treat etch and eliminating surface defects.

What are the safety precautions taken before the shot blasting process?

  • Allow only skilled labors to work with the machine.
  • Wear a mask, safety glasses, blasting helmets and the entire as a lot of dust and noise is emitted during the process.
  • Check the machine to ensure that there is no leakage.
  • Choose the space carefully; be it a closed room or a non-enclosed arena.
  • Properly load the steel shot material.
  • Avoid blasting in the airy atmosphere as it may spread the dust all around the space.


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