Venturi Blower

Our Venturi blowers will ventilate explosive and hazardous vapors from tanks in refineries, power plants, shipyards, and other industrial environments and circulates cool air when temperatures are elevated in the confined-spaces. They are also used in spaces where heavy equipment is at risk of overheating.

Venturi-style blowers use the principles of the Venturi effect to vent hazardous vapors from below-ground sources. An underground tank or source where the fumes are present is connected by the base of the blower. Later compressed air or steam is brought into the blower through a nozzle. When the compressed air or steam increases its velocity as it moves toward the vent at the top of the horn, it is this narrow base which constricts it decreasing the ambient pressure in the horn. A partial vacuum is created, drawing fumes up through the base and out through the vent. A Venturi-style blower is also known in the names Air Horn or Eductor.

We provide excellent quality Venturi Air Blowers in Dubai. Our Venturi Air Blowers has no moving parts and hence maintenance is low. The galvanized steel housing on it resists corrosion and can be replaced when it shows signs of wear. The cast aluminum base is lightweight which comes in standard base sizes.

The Venturi Air Blowers supplied by us has a static grounding lug to dissipate static electricity and prevent accidental ignition of vapors or fumes. It also consists of a built-in steel handle for carrying. Our Venturi Air Blowers available from 2 inches to 12 inches are used in diverse industries such as cement, construction, processing and others. The air blower can operate at pressures up to 140 psi. Larger models up to 8000 cfm capacity are also available with us. All our models include a crow’s foot inlet connection. Its Lightweight construction makes it easy to carry from one location to other.


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