Why choose shot blasting for your metal finish?

Shotblasting machines in UAE are gaining immense popularity. The most prominent reason for this is the sandblasting process is environmental friendly than other means. It is also referred to as Dustless blasting. Steel shot blasting is the one most commonly used to peen and prepares surfaces. Read on to know more about shot blasting.

What is sandblasting?

The process that cleans a metal surface and makes it uniform for anti-rust coatings is sandblasting. It may also roughen or prepare the surface for paint and cosmetic finishing. In the sandblasting process a steady stream of abrasive materials mostly stainless steel shots are propelled against the surface. It may also be known as steel shot blasting.

shot blasting machine

In most cases, stainless steel shots, i.e. circular-shaped pellets, are used for shot blasting. But chilled iron grit, carbon steel grit, cut wire shot and steel grit also extensively used depending on the surface. The size of these pellets is one to six mm in diameter.

What are the shot blasting techniques?

Portable blasting machines in UAE are available for all the shot blasting purposes. But, before choosing one, you must know the techniques.

There are two techniques of shot blasting-

Wheel blasting- Here the centrifugal force is used to convert electrical energy to kinetic energy and propel steel shots at the surface. It is best suited for cleaning, removing rust and descaling. The safety equipment suppliers in Dubai can also provide you with wheel blasting machines that come in varied power capacities.

Air blasting- Shotblasting machines in UAE for air blasting use pressurized air to blast the surface. The nozzle can either be fixed or manually used for targeted steel shot blasting. In this kind of steel shot blasting the speed of stream can be controlled to achieve the desired results.

Why is shot blasting best for metals?

The surplus supply of shotblasting machines in UAE states that it is used extensively in most industries. Steel, forging, and aerospace industries most commonly prefer the shot blasting procedure than any other abrasive method.

Here are a few reasons why shot blasting is best for metals-

Eliminates harsh chemicals effectively

Most industries take the help of harsh chemicals to remove rust and other contaminants from a metal surface. This procedure may remove rust, but there remains the chemical buildup that is worse for the metal and also the environment.

Steel shot blasting can efficiently remove the impurities, and you will not need to use harsh chemicals on the metals.

Saves money and time

Clearing a metal surface from rust and other toxins is an arduous feat. You may need a lot of labour and materials depending on the surface. Chemicals and harsh scrubbers will ruin the lustre of your metal rather than cleaning the impurities.

With the usage of shotblasting machines in UAE, you can save at least 75% of resources, which may otherwise have gone towards labour charges. Apart from the monetary gains, enterprises can also save a huge amount of time spend on clearing the surface.

Damage control

Harsh abrasives will clear the scales and may also potentially damage the metal surface. Same is the case when strong chemicals are used for the purpose. But not when portable blasting machines in UAE are involved in the process.

You can decide the media of shot blasting according to its hardness. The shotblasting machines in UAE are highly capable, and its velocity and other requirements can be altered according to the users need. So you will never damage the metal surface with shot blasting.

Better coating and longevity

The efficient steel shot blasting ensures that the surface is effectively clean. Hence all kind of coatings, i.e. paint, epoxy, or zinc form a permanent bond with the surface. Since all of these adhere better to the surface, it increases their longevity.

Give steel shot blasting to your metal surfaces but with the help of safety equipment suppliers in Dubai to ensure happiness both to you and the metal. Contact us for services