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Blasting is a way to clean a surface. In other words, you are preparing a smooth or rough canvas to do better things on it. There are numerous blasting materials available that make it overwhelming to decide which one to opt. There is no shortage of sandblasting grit suppliers in UAE. However, before concluding the supplier, it is necessary to zero in the blasting products in Dubai that you will need for abrasive blasting.

The main purpose of Sandblasting companies Dubai is that cleaning, stripping, etching and polishing cannot be achieved if the medium is a mismatch. You will either end up with the same situation or destroy the surface.

Here are few points to keep in mind before deciding whether you want to choose grits, shots, beads, garnets or any other material.

speedblast abrasive blasting

Start softly

Always start your blasting adventures with softer materials. Glass beads are the go-to abrasives to create a clean and polished finish. In case it doesn’t work, you can always opt for materials that are high at Moh’s scale, i.e. hardness meter. Steel shot, steel grit, aluminium oxide, garnet are hard materials that will help you achieve the purpose.

Pick one with the right density

The denser a molecule is, it will hold more kinetic energy. Hence, blasting with dense materials can create deep indentations. Simply said, if you have huge coatings of residue to eradicate, go for dense abrasives and if the surface is relatively clean go for a less dense abrasive. Steel grit and steel shot have the highest density while crushed glass or glass beads can be your options of less dense products.

Shape of abrasive material

Sandblasting grit suppliers in UAE provide abrasives in four basic shapes. Each one has a specific purpose. The first being-

Angular abrasive- Crushed glass and slag are examples of angular abrasive. These have many sharp edges; hence, it is easy to remove corrosion and rust with the help of such products.

Sub angular abrasive- Here there are sharp edges but not as much as angular abrasives. Garnet is one sub angular abrasive that can clean your moderately rusted surface without tarnishing the base.

Sub-rounded abrasive- In this category, there are no sharp edges, but it is still not a smooth product. Walnut shells and corn cobs fall in this category.

Rounded abrasive- The round and smooth particles that are not bound to remove heavy-duty irritants fall in this category. Glass beads and steel shots own this place. They are suitable for stripping away the thin factory coating from any surface.

Cost and recyclability

The environment is one of the peak concerns today. Every step has to be taken keeping in mind the effects it will have over the environment. Sustainability is the word; hence, recyclable abrasives are given the highest value. Sandblasting grit suppliers in UAE provide the finest materials at optimum cost and with properties to use them again.

For example, aluminium oxide and silica carbide may cost more but prove to be economical in the long run. Other materials, such as crushed glass or slag, are cheaper and still provide a few recycle.

Analyse your blasting needs and opt for materials that are suitable and do not tarnish the atmosphere.

Speedblast provides world-class blasting products in Dubai. Contact us for a consultancy and choose only the ones that suit your needs.