Applications of Sandblasting in Industries

Every industry functions perfectly when cleanliness is on fleek. Rust, distorted paint, grime etc. on the appliances not only depreciate its life but also are a wrong impression on clients. From long sandblasting has been saving industries by clearing the rust and keeping machinery clean and smooth. It performs surface cleaning to help paint roll over smoothly.

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What is Sandblasting?

Sandblasting is a procedure where in blasting accessories are used to propel abrasive material towards a surface. This happens under high pressure. Hence, all the contaminants on the surface detach and falls.
Sandblasting techniques also help to smoothen a surface and prepare it for painting. In the same way, it helps in roughening the surface too.

What are the materials used for sandblasting ?

Though the name is sandblasting, it is not only sand that is used for the purpose. So, the airless spray machines that perform sandblasting is capable of doing the function efficiently with the following materials too

  • Aluminium oxide
  • Silicon carbide
  • Garnet
  • Glass beads
  • Grit
  • Walnut shells and
  • Plastic pellets

What are the types of Sandblasting?

Industries perform sandblasting in two ways..


In this process, water is sprayed along with the sandblasting materials. It reduces the force at which the materials hit the surface.


Here the abrasives are propelled without the use of any media. It helps them provide a better finish and also keep rust at bay.

What are the applications of Sandblasting in Industries?

Remove rust and paint

The prime purpose of sandblasting is to eradicate rust and paint from a surface. These are compatible with any material and are extensively used to remove contaminants from machinery, cars, houses and other surfaces.

Deep clean the tools

Almost all industries suffer from misaligned and rusted tools. Though it is well-known how important it is to have the right quality tools to acquire the best results, we tend to work with these distorted weapons after a fixed time.
Sandblasting can help in cleaning your tools and making them as good as new. The force if used by the right craftsman, can also help in restoring the alignment of small tools and machinery.
The cleaning and aligning of the tool need not happen only with huge industry. You can also grab the household equipment that seems to have turned as waste and turn them into useful accessories with sandblasting.

Design and create

Sandblasting techniques are of great help for surface cleaning. However, do you know that these can also aid in creating a beautiful piece of art?
If you handover the portable sandblasters or airless spray machines to someone with an eye for art, they will indeed create some beautiful designs on metals through the sandblasting techniques.
It is these talented souls who work in creating signages, statues and art pieces on wood, glass, metal etc.

Clean the streets

The pavement towards your office, manufacturing unit or home is something that brings forward an image of the residents. It is pivotal to keep the passages and streets clean to keep accidents at bay and maintain a good impression at everyone who steps forward.
Cleans the streets with traditional methods is a tiring job and also doesn’t provide good results. However, employing blasting accessories in Dubai for surface cleaning can help in getting the streets spotless clean.
The high-speed abrasives clean concrete surface without the usage of water. It is a highly effective method and its high time to take a step forward in saving water by adopting sandblasting techniques.
Apart from all these industrial applications shot blasting machines are also capable of doing much more. You can always try to experiments with the sandblasting techniques and receive fabulous results.

Why Speed Blast?

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